Wednesday, March 28, 2007

First epipen use

Where do I begin? Well, I guess it started with Geoff's cold, which started last week. Then Andrew got it, and I started getting it on Tuesday. It really was just a cold, but that's tough enough to deal with when Geoff's awake half the night to nurse because his breathing keeps waking him up.

Then yesterday, my mom accidentally gave Andrew a Chinese treat which had peanuts in it. He threw up twice, and was looking kinda listless, so she administered his epipen. Then she called Tony who dropped everything and rushed home, and he called me, and I sped home too. That was the longest SkyTrain ride ever.

My mom took Andrew to the clinic, which is where I met up with them. Andrew was totally fine, Geoff needed a nap, and my mom, Tony and I were shaking with stress.

Since he was there anyways, the doctor gave him a general checkup and found that he had an ear infection. So we get the antibiotics and go home to give them to him. He refused to take them after the first taste. We persuaded him into most of it anyways yesterday.

Today was a different matter -- nothing was going to get him to open his mouth. My mom finally asked me if I'd tasted it, and when I did, I figured out why he wouldn't take it -- it was NASTY. Think bitter, then metallic, then bitter and disgusting. I have no idea why the pharmacist gave us that for a CHILD!

We went back to the Shopper's tonight, and they gave us a pill instead, which Andrew ate once it was buried in some ice cream.

Moral of the story -- if your kid complains that the "medicine tastes like YUCK", dip your finger in it and give it a taste, because you might just agree with him.

We won't go into what my mom learned about treats for Andrew. She's still freaking out and mad at herself.

Anaphylaxis legislation in BC

I just got this from Anaphylaxis Canada today, and I'm spreading the word about it.


Dear Registrant,

We thought you would be interested in knowing that a key piece of legislation is being introduced in the BC Legislature regarding anaphylaxis policies in public schools for the province of British Columbia. A private member's bill is scheduled to be proposed on Wednesday March 28, 2007 by David Cubberley (MLA for Saanich South and New Democrat Education Critic). This bill is entitled "Anaphylactic Student Protection Act 2007".

Many of you have children who would benefit from province-wide standards for anaphylaxis management plans.

Don't remain silent on this important issue. Your support is needed now.

To find out how you can support this bill personally, contact your MLA directly. Click on the following link to send an email to your MLA today: and also provide a copy of the email to: Mr. Cubberley's office at and to Hon. Shirley Bond, Minister of Education at

You are also welcome to attend the legislative session being held tomorrow at 1:30pm at the BC Legislature Parliament Buildings in Victoria to show your support. If you would like to attend this session please contact Mr. Cubberley's Legislative Assistant, Brian Kowalski at 250-953-4741 for further details.

For more information on how you can connect with other parent advocates in the BC area, please contact Anaphylaxis Canada directly at and we can forward your information.

Please feel free to share this information with others in your community.

Together we can make a difference.

Anaphylaxis Canada