Friday, February 16, 2007

Lactose free chocolate bars

Happiness is … a kid getting his very first chocolate bar.

Yeah, most parents frown on giving chocolate bars to their kids. But when your kid can't have any chocolate because most of it contains dairy or nuts, you start looking for ways to give him treats.

We've got two kids' birthday parties this weekend, which means that Andrew will be looking at birthday cake and treats, and probably won't be able to eat most of them. So when someone showed me these chocolate bars at lunch today, I went and bought one of each for Andrew.

These are Ross Chocolates, made in BC, and lactose free. The label says "may contain nuts" so I called them to check on what that means. They told me that they also make a chocolate bar which contains almonds, and another with coconut (which isn't considered a nut). Since Andrew's eaten both almonds and coconut safely, that eliminated a major worry for me.

They're available at Shopper's Drug Mart, in the candy section. He got a couple of pieces before dinner, and another piece after dinner. He was a happy kid!

Good thing he didn't know about the other two bars that are in my bag. I won't bring them out until the birthday parties on Sunday.

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