Friday, April 13, 2007

Allergy Shock Hits Home

This article from the Victoria News is like a look into our future.

It shocked me, as I’m sure it shocked everyone who heard the tragic news, that a 13-year-old Esquimalt girl died last week from a severe allergic reaction after eating some fast food. ...

My youngest son is about her age and he too carries the burden of a potentially life-threatening allergy. It’s not clear what allergen killed Carley – she had allergies to peanuts and dairy products – however it is clear that she lapsed into anaphylactic shock and never recovered.

His son is about to go off on a band trip, his first without his parents. The fears that fill his head are also in mine. I hope that we'll be able to raise a responsible kid who's not too afraid of the world, and who will be careful with his life.

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Thank you for the comment on my blog. My heart goes out to you and your family. You seem to be doing a fine job. I wish you continued success and happiness.
PS: I'm a 4th yr med student. Studying allergies in children was heartbreaking.