Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Great allergy books for kids

Christina Black has written two books for kids who have allergies, and she sent me a couple of samples to review on this blog. The books are Mommy, Is This Safe to Eat? and Starting School with a Food Allergy: Tips for a Peanut Allergic Kid. (Click on the book titles to get screenshots of some of the pages in the books.)

I'm delighted to be able to wholeheartedly recommend these books. They're captivating and informative, and best of all, Andrew likes reading them and looking at the photos.

My favourite part of the preschooler book (Mommy, Is This Safe to Eat?) is the photo gallery of various nuts and where you might find them. (Some of these pages are in the preview pages.) Allergic Living magazine had an article about how kids don't always recognize the things they're allergic to, because we've done such a good job of keeping them away from their allergy triggers. Having these photos in one place gives him something to study, but from a very safe distance.

When we read this book to Andrew, he was tickled by the scenarios in the book, because they're much like what we do for him — special cupcakes at parties, shopping for safe food at the grocery store. I think he liked knowing that he wasn't unique in his life experience.

Andrew also liked the Starting School with a Food Allergy: Tips for a Peanut Allergic Kid book because he's a very social kid. He won't start kindergarten for another year, but he's already made friends who will be a grade ahead of him in his school, thanks to preschool, and he's looking forward to seeing them again. This book is upbeat and optimistic about life at school for allergic kids, something I think we'll need to hold onto when we get to that stage.

I'd give both books a thumbs-up, and a very strong "buy" recommendation if you've got allergic kids. Thanks, Christina, for the review copies!


Allergic Girl said...

they sound great,
thank for the review!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Thanks for the review! I'll be checking both of these out for my son.

Gabs said...

Thanks for the recommendations - they are going in my Amazon cart today!

pauwmm said...

Hi, I just red your blog about allergies and I must admitt that this looks so familiar. I am the mom of a daughter with peanut allergie and then she has allergies for tons of other ingredient and food in general. I want to compliment you by the way you are dealing with this issue in your life. My project is the book about my daughter, a story I do want to write about and for her.
We just moved to rabat, Morocco from Lausanne and life is more difficult and choices are less.