Sunday, November 11, 2007

allergy allerts via google

A couple of noteworthy posts came across my google news alerts today.
A little girl on Kenzie & Madi's bus has been picking on Makenzie since day one. Her name is Kendall, and she is in kindergarten, too. On Wednesday, she took a PBJ sandwich from her lunchbox and waved it in Kenzie's face, knowing very well about Makenzie's peanut allergy. Kenzie was so terrified that she was in tears. I didn't know 5-year-olds could be so evil.
From As the Story Goes.

This infuriates and frightens me. I know that little kids are mean, but this is bullying behaviour, and it's in kindergarten!

Also, as a followup to my Unexpected Peanut Exposure post:
Several years ago, a popular children’s book had a “scratch and sniff” feature. On one page was a picture of a jar of peanut butter that, when scratched, emitted the distinctive odor of peanut butter. ... the inhalation of peanut butter odor does not cause allergic reactions. Another study by Dr. Perry and colleagues from Johns Hopkins Medical Center analyzed the air around peanut butter, peanuts and peanuts being shelled, and found no detectable peanut protein in the air samples.
From a peanut allergy page that's new to me

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