Friday, December 14, 2007

Test results for Geoff

I took Geoff to the allergist this morning to get him scratch tested. The bad news: he got bumps for eggs, nuts and shellfish. The good news: the bumps were very small, barely there in fact. It wasn't as traumatic as when I took Andrew in for his test at this age, and everything hived up. The other good news: Geoff is negative for dairy and peanuts.

The allergist was kind and said that I'd absolutely done the right thing by going off dairy and nuts for the last couple of years while I was breastfeeding.

His peanut score could be meaningless, of course, since he's never been exposed to peanuts. So I'm going to keep him off all nuts for another couple of years and do a peanut food challenge later.

In the meantime, I can add dairy back into my diet -- yay!!!

Though that may not be great news: going back on dairy in the Christmas season means that I can have all those tasty Christmas desserts...


All Adither said...

Congrats on the dairy. Perhaps with those tiny wheals he'll outgrow quickly.

Duster said...

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