Thursday, April 17, 2008

Peanut allergy kills

This article just made me weepy, and I don't usually get that way.

Another little boy just died of his peanut allergy, and his mom wishes she had been more properly-informed. Here's her warning story.

At a young age, they discovered he had a peanut allergy but, it didn’t affect daily life very much. No doctor ever explained to the Smith family that a peanut allergy could be life threatening. Even so, Andrew arranged for his own peanut free table in the cafeteria at his elementary school and had several of his friends join him there. He was aware of his peanut allergy but he was also a very picky eater. So he avoided obvious sources of peanut and kept to the same few foods that he liked and was comfortable with.

Andrew’s life was tragically cut short this past February. His mother Pamela told us that he died from an anaphylactic reaction that was complicated by his asthma. She shared her son’s story in the hopes of saving another child.
Pamela, thanks for sharing your story, and I'm thinking of you at this horrible time.


healthnut52400 said...

Oh wow, that is such a horribly sad story. My daughter doesn't have any specific allergies like that, and I can't imagine if she did, but she does have "Oklahoma" allergies that have caused her to get sick a lot. We have her on Zyrtec and Oasis nasal spray. Both together seem to be helping her stay well; however, we are looking at having her tonsils taken out. I wish you all the best, from one mother to another. :0)

purplemommy said...

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