Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kids with allergies, interviewed

I followed a circuitous path to find this video.

Watch it and weep, if you're a parent of child with food allergies. The kids in this video are so sweet, and so brave, shouldering the burden of exclusion and knowing that they risk their lives when they go out in public.

Found via She She's post on her son's nut allergy.

Edited to add:
Mary asked me how to save this for showing to school teachers and administrators. Here's my reply to her.

Easy ... go to Savetube at

and type in the URL for the video:

The instructions for how to view it are here:
(If Savetube doesn't work for you, here are some other tips.)

After you have the .flv file, google "flv converter" and you'll find some free software to convert the file from the .flv format to an avi file.

The credits for this video on youtube read:
A film of food allergic children produced for general awareness which premiered at the Food Allergy Initiative Northwest inaugural benefit dinner in May 2007.

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Karen said...

Wow wow wow. That is an amazing video! Thanks for finding and sharing....