Sunday, September 03, 2006

Boys on a bike

Tony been cycling a lot this summer. He hit 1000 km last week, and was pretty pleased with himself.

We also bought a bike trailer from one of our neighbours, so now Geoff can also go cycling with Tony and Andrew. Here are the three of them, off for an evening ride. Tony says it's quite a workout -- 32 lbs of Andrew, 24 lbs of Geoff, plus the weight of the bike seat and the trailer.

Me, I'm knitting. Remember the sock yarn that I bought last week? I got it on Friday, and started knitting that night. Finished the first sock last night, after neglecting pretty much everything else all day.

This sock knitting thing is addictive, especially with the self-striping yarn. I've seen these socks and thought it was so much work because of all the colour changes. Turns out the yarn does all the work, so all I have to do is keep on knitting and changing needles.

Looks like I'm going to need more yarn. I only bought two balls (to make two pairs).


hagsrus said...

I love the bike trailer -- I've never seen that before.

allergicmom said...

Thanks, Frances! I think it's actually made in Canada. Andrew likes jumping in and out of it when we got for our walks in the bog. And it's a nice smooth ride for him.