Friday, September 08, 2006

Loving preschool

Both of us are loving Andrew's preschool.

I took the day off to take Andrew in. I was thinking that he might need me to stay with him since we've never left him alone with other caregivers before -- he's always been with me, my mom, or Tony's mom.

What was I thinking? He changed into his indoor shoes, and he was off to play. First the painting room for ten minutes, then the activity room. He says he did some playdoh stuff too, so I guess he did hit the puzzle/playdoh room. Yeah, he loves it there, and he's totally ready for preschool.

I love it too. The staff have all been reading up on allergic reactions, and they've been studying the literature. They asked me to stay after pickup time to help them learn how to use an epipen, and we did a little pretend-demo using Andrew's epipen. And they did better than I did! (My excuse: I haven't read the instructions for a long time.) They also had me fill out a separate medications sheet for his Benadryl -- which is his usual medication for accidental exposures.

The only drawback to this preschool: the Scholastic Books flyers by the sign-in sheets. I'm a sucker for books, and at these prices, I'm getting sucked in. There's a Robert Munsch package of 20 books for $80. It's so tempting! (Follow the Robert Munsch link for audio files of him reading his books -- free to download!)

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