Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy Anniversary to us

Seven years and one day ago, we had a giant storm in Vancouver. It took out power lines and blew trees down, all over the city. I couldn't sleep for all the noise of the storm -- we were in a 12th floor apartment at the time, and it sounded like we were going to be blown to Oz at any minute.

The next day, we got married.

My maid of honour got dressed in the dark that morning. Actually, she lit the candles on her candelabra so that she could see -- and totally freaked out her boyfriend at the time, as she went wandering through her apartment with the candelabra. She also braved the Vancouver streets in the dark -- no stoplights were working in most of the city.

Our wedding and dinner location wasn't sure that they were going to have power until about four hours before the ceremony. Thank goodness they only told the best man, and not us. I didn't need to panic about that.

But we managed to get all gussied up, and had our hair done nicely. And we had gorgeous wedding photos taken in a local park. There were trees down all over the park, except for where we'd decided to shoot. So it all worked out in the end.

I can't believe it's been seven years. Happy anniversary, Tony!


Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary Tony and Gladys! I just love reading your blogs Gladys. Helps me feel a little closer to home I think.


allergicmom said...

Thanks, Kelly! But it sounds like you're settling in nicely and meeting cool new people already, and you've only been there for a month or so!