Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Good news on his dairy allergy

We took Andrew in for his blood test a month ago, and there was a bit of a mixup about whether or not they could actually test for whey and casein separately, or if they could only test for milk. The lab ended up sending his blood sample to a different lab in the city, and we did end up getting RAST results for whey and casein.

Last year, he got about a 65 on the milk RAST test. This year, he's scored a 7 for whey, and a 14 for casein.

Woo hoo!

Yes, 7 and 14 are still in the anaphylactic range, but it's a huge drop from 70! Our fingers are crossed that he'll keep on dropping over the next couple of years, and outgrow his dairy allergy by the time he starts school.

His peanut score was still over a 100, and we tested him on cashews for the first time this year: he got 80. Oh, and his egg white score dropped as well, to 3. So he's still "technically" allergic, but the drop does explain why he can eat a whole boiled egg and not have any physical reaction at all.

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