Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hives are all gone

Just a quick update for anyone who's following our saga of Andrew's hives. They're all gone now. Tony actually forgot to give him his Benadryl dosage before bedtime last night, and Andrew slept through the night without any pain or itching. And he hasn't gotten any Benadryl today, because he's not scratching and we can't see any hives.

I did a quick google search on "virus hives" and found a bunch of hits. Apparently it's not uncommon, so it just took a calm doctor to relieve all my fears.

It's yet another childhood ailment that other kids and parents just get through without too much panic. Alas, when you're got allergic kids, full-body hives for over 24 hours aren't something that can be easily brushed off.

The website I found also mentioned that the hives can come and go for the next few weeks, so we'll just keep the Benadryl handy. Oh wait, the Benadryl already comes everywhere with us. So in that aspect, at least, nothing will change.

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