Thursday, January 04, 2007

Allergic Living magazine and forums

If you're living with allergies, visit Allergic Living magazine's webforum. I've just added it to my sidebar so that it'll be a permanent link from this blog. (I've got a subscription to the magazine, but I'm a bit disappointed with it — the articles seem very superficial, and not detailed enough in the amount of information provided.)

The US-based POFAK forum is amazing for its members' depth of knowledge and experience, but it's nice to have this Canadian resource, with Canadian brands in the discussions of what's recommended (like President's Choice microwave popcorn, which I hadn't realized was dairy-free — I just assumed that they all had some dairy derivatives). And via this Allergic Living board, I've just found a get-together for lower mainland parents of allergic kids. They even meet in Surrey, which is close to us, and not somewhere in downtown Vancouver, as I'd have expected.

So little time, so much websurfing to do. Good thing I've got this new laptop!

PS. Also wanted to add a link to a great article about toddler (and preschooler) tantrums. Quote: "The human brain takes approx 7 years to lay down all the right tissue. This isn't 7 years to 'mature' - that's approx 25 years. That's 7 years for all the right bits to grow in and start talking to itself coherently." So for a lot of the big tantrums, the kid simply can't control what's happening in his brain.

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