Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

What a lot happened over the holidays. Some of the highlights and low points:

* I got a new macbook! Hopefully that will lead to more blogging — it's been tough to share a computer with Andrew now that he can play computer games. He's addicted to his Tonka Construction game. (Like parents, like kid -- I miss the days when I could play games for hours at a stretch.)

* we had to take Andrew to the emergency room just before Christmas. We'd had dinner at Boston Pizza, where he's eaten tons of times before. But this time, he lost his voice after dinner. The last time he lost his voice (last Christmas), he then proceeded to throw up and have an allergic reaction, so this time we weren't going to wait "just in case." He started getting his voice back about five minutes after we got to the hospital, and never complained of any scratchy throat, but they wanted to give him a full examination anyways. Our current theory is that he had a reaction to the pecans which were on Tony's salad. No, he didn't eat the pecans, just hopped on Tony's lap during part of dinner. That explains why he "only" lost his voice, and there was no gastro-intestinal reaction — that is, he didn't throw up.

* still haven't given Geoff any dairy directly. He's got a helluva diaper rash at the moment, so it's not the right time to try it out, since I won't be able to tell if he gets a mild reaction. I'm blaming either the marzipan that I ate (it was on top of some fruitcake, and I love fruitcake), the fact that he had a little more orange juice over the holidays, or his teething — he's got 7 teeth coming in, all at the same time!

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