Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Andrew's sister

I've got to blog this because it'll be a hoot to read in a few years. Andrew's got a sister. Her name is something like "Indeger Patty". Yes, she's an imaginary person, but she's sure active in this house these days.

She lives in a big house and gives peabutter away to anyone who needs it (we ran out of peabutter today; almost a disaster!). She has several brothers (but Andrew isn't one of her brothers). And she used to be allergic to dairy but now she isn't any more. In fact, she does a lot of things that Andrew's not allowed to do.

It's been fascinating watching him tell stories about his imaginary sister. She showed up in early December, and she's gotten more and more vivid as the weeks have gone by.

Apparently it's a good sign that he's got Patty around, as far as mental development is concerned. So we're just playing along with him.

I do get worried, however, when he talks about Patty and her allergies. I think that Patty is a way for him to deal with some of the things that are bothering him, so I can't help but read hidden messages into some of the things he says about her.

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Kelly said...

Too cute! My sister had an imaginary cat at abou the same age. She left it in the washroom at a restaurant once...what a scene that was leaving :)