Friday, August 25, 2006

More pills for my kid

I bought more drugs for Andrew yesterday. (Sigh.)

I've been toting around the liquid Benadryl for his accidental reactions -- he's gone through a bottle over the last year and a half, so it's not like we're dosing him every day. But the darned thing keeps spilling just a little bit in the bag, and leaving everything else kinda sticky.

So yesterday, I was at the drugstore waiting on the pharmacist for some cream for Geoff's nasty bum rash, and looked in the allergies section. They do have a chewable Benadryl which would be much easier to carry around -- so I bought a box of those, even though they're labeled for 6 and up only. The pharmacist said that it was fine to give him half a pill for a reaction. Then I looked online, and Dr. Sears' recommended dosage by weight is one pill. I suspect we'll give him half a pill, wait half an hour, and if it hasn't really kicked in, give him the other half.

They also had Triaminic Softchews for allergies, so I bought a box of those, which actually do have a dosage guide for 3-year-olds. Andrew's going to be spending some time at Granny & Grandpa's house this fall, after I go back to work. He usually reacts to their cat by getting seriously sniffly, sneezy and generally miserable-looking. But he just keeps right on playing, even though his nose has a long snot line all the way to his tummy. No photos of that one -- yuck! Anyways, this might just help him out a little bit with dealing with his cat allergy. Though we'll probably still have to dunk him in a bath and change his clothes when he gets home, so that he'll STOP reacting at home!

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