Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sometimes, the universe answers

When I'm on the computer, I use a Graphire pen instead of a mouse because it's a lot easier on the carpal tunnel than the mouse. But it also comes with a wireless mouse so that Tony and Andrew can use the computer too.

Well, Andrew got into the habit of hiding or throwing the mouse when he was done with the computer, and it would disappear for days at a time, frustrating Tony to bits. So a month ago, I posted a note on Craigslist asking if anyone wanted to sell me their mouse. And yesterday, I got a note from a fellow named Nate, whose graphire tablet had just died: did I want his extra mouse and pen? He'd just chucked them into his office garbage, and fished them out when he saw my posting on Craigslist.

Hell yeah! So Geoff and I went out there last night, picked up the pieces, and when we got home, I hid them where Andrew hopefully won't find them. Until he hides the original mouse again. I gave Nate a bag of those two-bite brownies in exchange, and I hope that he and his girlfriend enjoy them!

The moral of this post: sometimes, you just need to put it out into the universe that you'd like something, and sometimes, the universe answers.

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