Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Nothing happened

We went out for lunch today to the chinese supermarket, which also has a great food court. Andrew loves the "gai fan" -- steamed chicken with rice and hot steaming soup, and usually eats a ton of it.

All was well until we were done and walking back to the car. Then, as we were passing the chinese dried herb store, he stuck his hands into one of the open bins at the front of the store.

I looked more closely -- it's usually just stuff like dried mushrooms or dried shrimp or scallops or really weird stinky herbs. And it was a bin full of walnuts!

I'd just read this discussion at an allergies board where kids went into anaphylaxis while playing with acorns in their own yards. So I was a little panicked for a moment. Reviewed where his epipen was (in my bag, on my shoulder), and kept an eye on his hands for a few minutes.

But nothing happened. Whew! So he's either not allergic to walnuts, or not contact-allergic to them. (He's never been exposed to them.)

This is kind of a non-post, but certainly a slice of how I'm finding that I have to think now. The entire world is a minefield when your kid has allergies.

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