Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Socks, anyone?

I've just won a couple of balls of yarn on ebay. They're self-striping, so they should be fun to knit up as Christmas presents for friends. If all goes well, this is what they should look like. (I got #739 and #736.)

So, who wants socks from me this Christmas?

This online shopping thing is fun. I just got a case of granola bars from NoNuttin' this morning. Andrew opened all the boxes, and devoured most of a chocolate chip one before his swimming lesson this morning. I got the last bite that he didn't want -- tasty!

And it's so nice to be able to feed him something without having to read the label and hope that the "may contain traces of nuts" line is just to cover their asses, and not because they've just run something containing peanut butter on that production line. Plus, these things are made right here in British Columbia!

Case of granola bars: $83.20 (Cdn). Peace of mind: PRICELESS!

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