Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sleeping through the night

Andrew slept through the night last night. We're ecstatic. Tony's happier than I am. Normally Andrew jumps out of his bed sometime between 11:30 pm and 3 am and climbs in with Tony.

I'd probably be more excited about it if I wasn't so exhausted from Geoff's wakeups last night -- every half hour from midnight until 2 am, which is when he started grunting and pooping in his sleep. I got him to the change table, and took off his diaper. But he hadn't finished pooping yet, so kept on grunting and pooping -- on the changepad! Yuck!

I had a smokey and a lot of chili sauce last night as a late-night snack. I'm not sure if either disagreed with him, but I can tell you that they're not making an appearance on the menu for a while!

But I digress -- back to Andrew's sleep habits.

I found out last week that Andrew's RDA of calcium is 800mg/day. When I counted up what he's getting, I think that he's only getting less than half of that. So last weekend, we started giving him 500mg of calcium every day. His sleep has been getting progressively better over the week, and last night he slept from around 9:30 until 7:30 this morning when Geoff woke up and started yelling at me to wake up too.

So now I'm feeling guilty for not giving Andrew more calcium supplements earlier. And wondering if I've affected his growth/height. But his nails have never shown any calcium deficiency -- they remain thick and hard to clip. And he's somewhere around 40-50th percentile for height, which is his growth curve. So I'm hoping that all will be well and we've caught it in time.

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