Monday, August 14, 2006

Poisoning my child

I'm poisoning my child. At least, that's how I feel every time I feed him something and he vomits it up.

We haven't had any allergic incidents for months, and then in the span of three weeks, we've had three vomiting incidents.

The first in the chain happened when we got back from our Summerland vacation. I gave Andrew some juice that he hadn't had before (Minute Maid Fruit Solutions) and topped it up with a quarter tsp of his strawberry acidophilus. He'd had the acidophilus before, so when he vomited about two minutes after drinking his juice, I blamed the juice. He also got two hives on his face about 10 minutes later, but a little dose of Benadryl cleared that right up.

Well, I blamed the wrong culprit. Yesterday, I gave him the acidophilus again, on top of some of his berry juice. He vomited again, and this time, I knew it was the acidophilus because he's already drunk half a carton of that berry juice, without incident.

I called Natural Factors this morning, and they confirmed that the acidophilus does have dairy in it. So that's going back to the health food store -- hopefully they'll take it back. I bought it months ago, but didn't get to open it until now because he had to finish the previous bottle first. (I'm not deliberately poisoning my child. He's finished 2-3 bottles of the previous formulation of this acidophilus, but they've now changed the formula, and priced the bottle at $5 more.)

We've had our three incidents -- hopefully that'll be our three in a row and we can go a few more months without anything happening.

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